How to Drive Servo Motor with PLC ? [1/1] and [1/2]

Here you can find large explanation for how to drive servo motor with Omron Cp1h PLC via Smart Step 2 Servo Driver.

Screenshot_2 Screenshot_3















In second video cable connection between Cp1h and Smart Step 2 has explained with motor drive application.


In first video  PLS2 instruction has explained with instruction referance.

4 thoughts to “How to Drive Servo Motor with PLC ? [1/1] and [1/2]”

    1. Hi Franz ,

      I’ve never used mitsubishi’s platforms , im pretty sure that similar command should be used with similar steps in order to get pulse output from PLC.

      For any more question please do not hesitate to ask.

      Cheers !

    1. Merhaba Ufuk Bey ,

      Klavyenizin marka ve modelini yazabilirseniz gerekli troubleshooting metinlerine ulaşabiliriz.

      Klavyenizin bozuk olmasına rağmen bu güzel yorumu yazdığınız için teşekkür eder , iyi çalışmalar dilerim.

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